Guide for Parents for Study Overseas

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Guide for Parents for Study Overseas

Guide for Parents for Study Overseas

We know how scary it can be as a parent to let your child embark on an adventure such as study abroad so far away from home. You’ve spent the majority of the last 2 decades raising them to be the men and women they are today, and now they have decided to take their next big step to travel the world.
Studying abroad has a way of broadening worldviews, cultivating independence, and instilling in students a desire to make the most of life. It’s one of the greatest growing experiences a student can experience. Not only will your child learn to plan trips and navigate different cultures, they will also learn how to take care of themselves and will gain a new perspective of the world. Studying abroad is not a vacation. Sure, they will see beautiful sites and make friendships of a lifetime, but they will also be challenged in new academic ways and taught to truly LIVE in another culture. Not just be a tourist.

Find what your child needs

It’s not about your dream anymore. Everything is about your child and his happiness. Take a day off and speak with your child.
Discuss with them and understand why your child wants to go abroad. It may be a passion or a personal thing. Find out what it is and support as much as you can.

Know what they are getting into

Once you know what your child wants, now it’s time to research and find what it is. You need to know details like course, university and country which your child is planning for. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to know what your child is getting into.

Help them get it
Now that you know where your child is planning to join, help your child to crack the code just like we are helping you with this parent’s guide to study abroad.
With increasing competition, it’s not easy to get admission to a top university. You can help your child achieve it.

Financial Preparation is a big thing

From application to admission, lots of money is needed. For that, prepare yourself financially.
If you are going to arrange money from close circle or relatives, make sure that you have Plan B. Getting education loan from a bank shouldn’t be a tough task.

The Process

Getting Visa, admission procedure and there so many things in the study abroad process. Have a detailed plan in hand, so that you don’t get stuck anywhere in the process. Like I said before, Plan B for everything.

Health and Safety

It’s good to consult your family doctor, enquire about necessary test to be done and take vaccinations as prescribed and make sure that your child is medically prepared for this adventure.
Advice your child to take food on time because that’s something students don’t do when they are on an abroad mission.

Get in touch with your child often

We don’t need to guide you on this. You’ll make 100 calls the moment your child arrives in a foreign country. That’s fine.
Keep in touch every day and ensure that your child is safe and healthy. If not, provide emotional support that your child needs.

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