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Investment banking

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It is a crucial area of the industry that provides financial services and focuses on increasing and managing the financial assets of their clients. An IB Professional helps companies invest all their assets to increase the value of the portfolios. They mainly act as brokers and advisors helping their clients identify great opportunities and capitalize on the same.
Investment banking also considered a special yet important division of banks and financial institutions that serves the central and state governments and others i.e. institutions, corporations, commercial and non-commercial banks for several transactions. They provide proper guidelines regarding mutual funds and stocks. It is basically like a financial advisory industry that guides the investors (individuals and businesses) to invest wisely in different entities.


The primary job responsibility of these professionals is to help and give advice to their clients on investments. This means they essentially act as brokers and advisors, evaluating the various needs of their clients and then helping them with the right solutions to cater to those diversified needs.

  • They work closely with a specific industry group or product group
  • To interact with client companies and structure deals and negotiate accordingly
  • They act as advisors and manage different transactions for their clients
  • They interact with capital market professionals, corporate finance groups, etc.
  • They keep a track of fluctuating market conditions mainly of equity capital markets or debt capital markets
  • They work with other professionals working in currency trading, financial strategy, equity derivatives, and convertibles
  • They undertake transactions in bonds, equities, currencies, etc. for larger institutional investors
  • They work as advisors in capital valuation, structure, and risk management
  • A Bachelor’s Degree: Finance & Accounting
  • A Master’s Degree: Finance
  • An MBA Degree: Finance with common subjects such as Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Financial Reporting, and Marketing

As per the reports of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected employment growth in this field is around 15% by 2022. This growth will be seen in all the profiles available within the financial industry such as investment bankers, financial agents, sales associates, etc.
A professional with a relevant degree, some work experience, and essential skills can earn an average salary of up to $71,720 per annum. While a professional with relevant certification i.e. a CFA certified analyst can get more opportunities and an average salary of $100,000 per annum.


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